img 01 Mar 2017
Learn about the situation a new strategy in Afghanistan in these short videos
img 08 Jan 2017
Civilian Control – How Trump Can Reverse the Trend of Failures in Recent Conflicts
img 18 Aug 2016
Are Saudi atrocities in Yemen damaging America?
img 24 Nov 2015
Video: Inside-Out Strategy to Defeat Islamic State
img 24 Nov 2015
5 Steps to an Anti-ISIS Insurgency
img 18 Nov 2015
Defeating ISIS Begins by Recognizing a Sunni Arab State
img 15 Oct 2015
Why a Civilian Should be in Charge of the New Mission in Afghanistan
img 20 Jun 2015
Three Best Ways to Develop Leaders
img 28 Apr 2015
Women’s Diverse Roles in Perpetrating and Countering Violent Extremism
img 19 Apr 2015
#1 Job for the New Afghan Cabinet: Develop a Compelling National Vision and Strategy
img 15 Apr 2015
What can Ice Buckets, Boko Haram, and Monica Lewinsky teach us about turning hashtags into results?
img 09 Apr 2015
Is a Super-Regional (SAMENA) War Beginning? Considerations for the U.S. and your Non Profit
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